Est 2011, is an art gallery/ studios in Elephant & Castle, London


PLAZA PLAZA at The Shop at Sadie Coles HQ 

62 Kingly Street, W1 

Beth Collar Basher Dowsing 

PV Friday 13th May 6-8pm

Open by appointment only 14th May - 11th July

DM or email us @_plazaplaza plazaplazacounty(at)



Jacob Dwyer Saxon Lake

Nour El Saleh  Clouds Of Venom

Erica Eyers  Too Shy To Party    

 Andrew Mealor Ambien

Taylor Silk Soft Porn

Will Thompson Chippy Dinner

Lydia Blakeley Hellhole

Patrick H Jones Juggle

Richie Moment SundowneR

Ima-Abasi Okon Parables for The Blazer

Ben Wolf Noam

Lucia Quevedo Play 2 Win

Gabriel Hartley

Patrick Cole Are We There Yet?

Sam Venables Slummy

Tom Railton Rubblewerk

Henna Vainio Legs

Monty Word of Mouth

Eoin Donnelly, Sara Knowland, Esmeralda Valencia-Lindström & Julia Calver Herald Patch

Glen Pudvine, Joshua Sex & Sanja Todorovic Every emotion under the sun, that's what I'm feeling

Issy Wood & Lewis Teague Wright Mini Cooperation

Timmy Foxon Schlep

Fani Parali & Sam Austen A cool drink to cheek

Lawrence Leaman Double Headed Cut Outs

Sophie Lee M A K R A M I

Alex Rathbone Shortish long hair/ overnight money ( uncontrollable urge)

Lucy Beech Buried Alive

Chris McSherry CLIFFING

Mark Van Yetter Class Action

Simon Werner & Viktor Timofeev Sphynx cats Nuzzle

Paul Kneale Poetry and Dream

Fay Nicolson Bad Signs

Jackson Sprague Birdkeeping

Dominic Watson Semi Pro




70 County Street - SE1 4AD - London